Thursday, January 18, 2007

The day from... well, not Heaven.

It's been a very very long day. And to top it off, I was taking picture for the challenge, and my camera went kapoot. So this is the only thing I got. I know it's crap, but I didn't have a chance to take anything better, so this is all I've got. Blah. Tomorrow has to be better :S


Anonymous said...

Im so sorry that your Camera decided to take a break.. Hope that you get it resolved wiht a new Card.. Hang in there! M

Anna said...

OH no! I'm sorry that you camera to take a dive today. Let's hope it feels better tomorrow!

Jax's Challenge said...

what happened to your camera. Is it down and out for a hospital check or just snafooed for the moment?
I can see a definite style in your photography. Stick with it.

Betty said...

Sorry about your camera. Did you find out if it was the CF card?

I like the pic that you did get. I can so see this series of photos being in a coffee table book. Way cool!