Thursday, February 1, 2007

Still sick :(

Took James to the doctor today... They said he has a "minor" sinus infection, bronchitis, and "a little fluid in his ears but not enough to treat"... So they put him on Omnicef and Albuterol, and gave him a breathing treatment while we were there. Yeah. THAT was fun :-/ But he seems to be feeling a tiny bit better tonight (thank God).. Hopefully this'll clear it up really soon. I hate seeing my Doodle sick :-(

Of course, I'm coming down with it too. My head, ears, and throat all hurt, and I'm starting to get a cough. Ahhh the joys of motherhood.. :-/

And apparently I've been tagged lol So, here's 6 weird things about me:

1) I can't drive... Well, I have a license, and probably could drive if a life depended on it, I despise driving and haven't done it in almost a year

2) I hate calling people on the phone if I don't know them (like setting up appointments, etc.)

3) I'm the only green eyed person in a family full of blue and brown eyes

4) I wash my toothbrush with antibacterial soap every single day (before I brush lol!)

5) I love shiny things. My husband calls me a crow because I can spot something shiny in the grass from a long ways away :D

6) I'm a shampoo/conditioner addict. Anytime a new hair product comes out, I have to try it (though I do typically wait until I have a coupon).

And I'm a big loser and don't know 6 people who haven't been tagged, so I'm not tagging anyone :-o lol


Huffy said...

awwwww... hope you guys get better soon! Nice DOF in your pic for today!

Anna said...

Oh no...not another sick little one. Seems like it is really going around lately. I agree with the DOF!

Jax's Challenge said...

you wash your toothbrush?? LOL!! That IS weird.
Hope you feel better real soon.
Photo is perfect. Once again, you have THE eye for inanimate stuff.